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    Turn Your Social Media Obsession Into Income

    Turn Your Social Media Obsession Into Income: What You Really Need To Know

    Research has demonstrated that the average business person spends about two hours daily on social media and I know many business owners who spend substantially more time on social media and still don’t have the results they want in their business. They aren’t getting leads and they aren’t monetizing yet they spend hours a day on social media! Can you relate?

    I am going to show you how to use social media so you actually get prospects and make money. Keep in mind you don’t need a lot of time or a lot of followers. One of my client family members has made over $5,000 per month just posting on Instagram two times per week and has only 1400 followers. The method I am sharing is proven to work for me and my client family members and will work for you if you implement what I am sharing.

    Here are the questions and answers that will make all the difference for your social media to monetize.

    Don’t I Need A Lot Of Followers?

    The truth is no you don’t need a lot of followers. People respond to people who post quality content of high value and they follow them. You only want to attract quality supporters who can eventually buy from you - you don’t want a lot of spectators with no interest in your products or services. As long as you know who your exact niche is that might want to invest in the result they get from your products or services you can focus on serving them. You don’t need a colossal crowd. You simply need people who are interested in what you post and who potentially might want to purchase from you at some point.

    How Many Followers Do I Really Need?

    You might be shocked by the answer to this question. You only need 1,000 followers who actually dig you and your products and services. Then you must actually show up and serve and help those followers by delivering valuable content for them. One of my client family members has a small Facebook group with only 1,207 followers and by following what I will teach you to post, they bring in about $3,000 per month. Now, that isn’t a great deal of money and they have only been in business a few months and following my formula for a few months - so it sure is a good start to making money as they create their audience.

    What Do I Post To Help My Followers?

    1. Post videos that are 3 minutes long teaching concepts and giving value or showing your product or service in use - without selling.
    2. Do Facebook Lives every day for 30 days sharing education and value - without selling.
    3. Create one value added post a day.

    Notice you can spend a lot less time on social media following this proven success formula. I personally have followed this formula for the past 3 years and with zero ads on social media, spending about 20 minutes per day on social media and I average 1 million per year in revenue just from my Facebook following.

    I Still Am Not Sure What To Post...

    Think about what it is you're passionate about or particularly knowledgeable in. What would you like to expound on? What is a topic that you are excited to share? This can be a personal topic.

    As an example, one of my client family members helps people with budgeting. She not only posts valuable content about budgets and gives advice about budgets she also posts about her personal interests. She shares photos of places she goes and experiences she has. Why? This way people are getting to know her personally and people do business with people they relate to.

    Another one of my client family members posts photos of her vacations and travel even though her business focus is teaching people to profit from LinkedIn. She has themes sharing valuable content and tips about using LinkedIn and she mixes this content up with photos of her travel as she lives her own form of a “laptop lifestyle”.

    How Long Until I Profit From This Social Media Strategy?

    Alright, so you probably won't require countless supporters to begin, yet you are going to require about 1,000 who have a sincere interest in your products and services. Then you need to serve them with the process I have laid out.Some of my client family members have made significant money in one month using this process. If you grow to over 1,000 followers you will profit faster, in my experience.

    What Tips Will Help Me Increase My Social Media Success?

    Here are some proven strategies that can help speed the money making process up...

    1. Be consistent – Whatever you do, ensure you're doing it once a day. If you just post sporadically, your supporters will rapidly lose interest.

    2. Link your social media accounts – Use a service that shares your content. When you post on Twitter it will also post to Facebook, etc. This will save you time and keep your posting predictable across platforms.

    3. Run a competition – Come up with a prize and you will see how quickly you gain more interested followers. As a condition of winning the prize simply request that individuals like/tag/share a post and watch your following size grow.

    4. Interact with others – People regularly disregard the 'social' some portion of social networking. Connect with other individuals in your specialty, comment on their posts and they'll likely comment on your posts, too. Pick a few people with a large following in your niche and create joint efforts, for example, guest posting on their social media page or group.

    5. Use hashtags – They may appear somewhat uncool now, however hashtags are an extraordinary method for associating with people in your niche. Use to discover which hashtags are most prominent for your audience and make your very own and urge your devotees to utilize your hashtag when sharing your posts.

    6. Try geotagging – Especially on Instagram, individuals regularly search by means of area, and this makes another course for individuals to discover your business.

    7. Review what is working – It's critical to check out what has done well on your social media accounts and what hasn't. Fanpage Karma will give information on which of your posts have been most popular. You can utilize this to recognize what content works best, and the best time to post it.

    8. Use video – Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there. People like to see the 'human' behind the page, and you will draw in more followers with video. You can utilize YouTube or Facebook for this, or Instagram stories.

    9. Paid publicizing – Although it is conceivable to develop your crowd naturally, you can have a go at doing some paid promoting to give yourself a brisk lift and grow your social media audience faster.

    10. Quality substance – At the day's end, followers will be pulled in to you if you share value, content and allow people to get to know you.

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