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    Viral Loop Communication And Engagement Strategy For List Building

    Entrepreneurs need to work on their mindsets as much as they need to work on their businesses. Whenever I begin with a new consulting client, I start working with them on inner game. They want to rush and get into activity and I slow them down and help them with their mindset or inner game first. Successful entrepreneurs grow their mindsets following a simple 4 step process that I share with them.

    First, the entrepreneur must go into their business understanding that business is going to be cyclical and that their success is not going to happen in a straight path. There's going to be ups and downs and many detours and mistakes will be made. My motto that I say to clients all the time is, “ find a way or make a way.”

    That means that success is the only option and you keep going with resiliency no matter what. Knowing that being an entrepreneur will have some bumps will allow you to be better prepared inyour business.

    I was just chatting with a client during her consulting session and I was telling her about pausing and simply allowing. She was so busy rushing from place to place and trying to get things done and was feeling a lot of stress from her business. I started her with my 4-step mindset process and slowed her down.

    Are you ready? Let's grow your mindset! The first step is to let go and let God.What do I mean by that?  You can not and will not be in control of everything that happens in your business.

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    Step 1: Product Review.

    I believe that everything we sell should be of impeccable quality and great value for our customers. A lot of people say that, few do. I love receiving great value. I love fashion products that last and perform.

    I manufacture fashion products that last and perform. That’s my thing. So for me every giveaway starts with a Product Review. Someone who did test this product through and through should write a product review and make a video.

    Step 2: The product review (video and text) is being published on our blog page.

    Step 3: We set up a viral giveaway campaign and link it to our product review.

    Step 4: We drive cold traffic to our blog page with product review and giveaway sign up button (you can integrate a sign up form as well). The blog page functions as a bridge page, turning our cold traffic into warm / hot traffic. We are testing two different traffic sources right now: advertising with sweepstakes websites and mail blasts with email brokers.

    Step 5: After people have entered our giveaway they may increase their chances to win by sharing the giveaway with their friends through social media.

    Sharing with friends gives the entrants additional entry points. If a friend signs up for the giveaway through the shared link – the entrant receives additional entry points. Everyone has a chance to win, however entrants with most entry points have greater chances to win.

    Currently every direct lead who signs up for our giveaway brings on average 1.5 friends into the giveaway. What I have noticed that some audiences bring us 4 friends on average, while others do not bring any. So we are learning right now what audiences perform best.

    Step 6: During the giveaway all entrants receive scheduled email notifications about their status. These up-dates contain an incentive to visit our online store. 20% of entrants visit the store.

    Step 7: At the end of the giveaway – the winners are being announced. All entrants who did not win - receive a short-time offer (3 days action window) to purchase the product either at a lower price point or at a greater added value (the main product is being offered in a bundle with one or two related high value products).

    Step 8: A new giveaway starts immediately after the previous did end. First, new traffic is being sent to the new giveaway. 3 days later (after expiration of the offer window (see step 7) invitation is being sent out to all our existent lists. This is in a nutshell our favorite list building strategy. If you are excited about it and would like to give it a try – grab the UpViral subscription

    Viral Campaign Software: UpViral
    Autoresponder: Clickfunnels / Actionetics
    Blog: Wordpress


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    Bio: Julia Antufjew Traffic

    Julia Antufjew

    CEO at Quantumfactory and Co-Author at Boom! Your Own Fashion Brand in 90 Days: Walkthrough for Hardcore Gamers.

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