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    Warning Signs When Your Marketing isn’t Growing

    What I am about to say are the fact that I have seen and my experiences, I am not doing my best to bash any marketers. These are my discoveries and my experience, most of the marketers say they are driven, however the results show the opposite.

    They believe their strategies works and which don’t. They would make changes to their websites or any other digital platform believing they have clear understanding how clients react and interacts while they are on the site. As they want solid connection performance with their clients.

    Unfortunately, most marketers are not making data/content driven on regular basis. In order to be truly driven marketing team, they would need to leverage different ways to reach out to customers. (Management, Customer relations, e-commerce, automations, emails, and etc.…) However, it is best to have some digital analytics.

    Digital analytics is a tracking system that mix into the web, social, applications and other digital platforms to provide the accountability to meet goals and etc.…interaction with the business or clients.

    However today, it is not about having analytics, it is about having the right information to share and being able to turn insights to action with the clients.

    Here are four warning signs that the marketer is not using analytic to boost marketing and tips on how to avoid or overcome them.







    Most people don’t trust the numbers, it can not be accurate. I have had many of my clients have asked me about the numbers and I tell them that it is growing, and I don’t trust the numbers because it is growing, and the numbers does not always tell the truth since it can’t count down, but it can count going up however there are numbers from different places that are not included in the challenges. However, when they don’t trust the accuracy, everything will be tossed out.

    The solution (in any order):

    Branding type of clients reaching out to that everyone agrees on. It will allow marketers to take action, instead of chasing the clients. Identify and agree on then compare. Having the team to pick the right techniques for the job and sticking to it. Educate the team. Understanding the information and analytics it important. If one team member pulls a wrong report, then the report is not accurate, answer important business questions.



    Marketing and collecting data may mean nothing to another person, it would mean they are missing something. When people are overwhelmed by a lot of data they will tune out.





    The Solutions:

    Provide value to the company and the potential clients by customizing their experiences and delivering in the right way.

    Having a dashboard with visualization tools to present to potential clients.

    Use storytelling to tell a story to create the vision ok the company and what the client needs.

    Data/Information needs to be relevant to the person. The social media manager should have customized dashboard that is relevant to the potential client channels and sharing business results with the team.



    This one I have notice myself as my new magazine issue of the month just kicked off and I saw the pageviews start to increase then suddenly I have the rush of excitement and I felt glued to keep watching the result for more views, then I realize it does not matter to watch the increase in traffic if my earning is down.

    When marketers work on tracking a campaign, they would need to think what will help them to make decision, take action to meet their goal. Most performance are measured around revenue, customers, performance, user relative behavior or certain functions and experience on the digital platforms.





    The Solution:

    Most data driven marketer pay attention to the numbers that really matter and not looking at the dashboard, reports and etc.… I believe they should ask questions about specific business and what are the key indicators of the client business that includes financial, margin, ROI, profit, marketing leads, customer value, trials and the likes and pick the top few that matters. I feel they need to look at their analytics to figure out how to get the results in the categories they need to reach.

    Conversion rates – Understand where and who is converting.

    Funnels and paths- By looking at the flow of the visitors, and results.

    Results- Knowing the experience of the users.

    Campaign performance- Measuring the success of the inbound marketing results.

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    Heide Hargreaves

    Heide Hargreaves is a business and life communication expert, fitness trainer, speaker and author. She is the founder and publisher of two magazines: International Fitness Fashion Magazine and Influential People Magazine, as well as the founder of Human Communication Institute, a company that has helped train countless people in communication and body language from her best-selling guidebook Statements of Power.

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