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    What Marketing Experts Can Teach You About FUNNEL Traffic


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    You’ve done it!

    You’ve finally figured out that serving everyone and everything is way less fulfilling than you could have ever imagined.

    So, you’ve carved out the time to figure out what fulfills you and who you want to serve, you’ve figured out what you can offer them that will make them want to get their wallets out!

    You’ve set up a sales funnel and you’re ready to start delivering… YIKES!



    What about traffic, how do you get traffic to your funnel?

    First, stop thinking of it as traffic, what is traffic? It’s people and not just any people, if you’ve done your homework these are your DREAM people. Shifting your mindset from what serves you to serving “your DREAM people” will grow your business and make an enormous impact on your future.

    I just got back from an amazing trip to Phoenix AZ where I spent 4 days with my dream people! 350 Entrepreneurs, all with similar goals just different stories and offers. On the first day of our event, Russell Brunson shared with us “traffic secrets” and there were hundreds of “AHA” moments among the group. I remember someone saying his big take away was to “stop thinking of it as selling and start thinking of it as serving.”

    How can you serve your people?

    “Stop Thinking about SELLING and START Thinking about SERVING.”

    So, how do you get your people to find you, your service or your product?

    Remember when there were only a few distribution channels: direct mail, the yellow pages, newspapers and then eventually TV commercials?

    Your dream client either searched for you, found you in an ad or listed among other professionals. The benefit for you of the searching customer was that chances are, if they were searching for you, they already knew what they wanted and were ready to buy!

    Then, TV commercials came along and suddenly you were watching your favorite show and then interrupted with something you didn’t even realize you wanted or needed until you saw the commercial. This is interruption selling which is powered by desires.

    Today, every business owner has more power than ever with the evolution of new distribution platforms, Social Media. As a business owner trying to bring your people to your offer, you need to interrupt the scroll on social media with your offer.

    Here’s a Tip: FOCUS on YOUR DREAM PEOPLE’s Desires.

    What makes people buy anyway?

    Interruption: Desires

    People purchase based on 2 things:

    • To get out of pain
    • To move towards pleasure

    So, how do we figure out what our audience desires the most–especially when they aren’t OUR audience yet?


    Step 1: Figure out where they are now, where they ‘re congregating, and what influencers they follow? Make lists of the congregations and their leaders. Join the congregations and the conversations within them.

    • What comments and feedback do they share in these online congregations?
    • What value can you add to these conversations?
    • What can you learn about your dream audience?

    Step 2: Optimize your own Social Media Profiles so that when you do offer valuable feedback, tips, tools and resources, someone who receives it will be able to reference you and your product or service when they view your profile.

    Step 3: Publish regularly so your dream audience understands that you are offering value consistently and are accessible to them.

    Once you’ve gathered all of the data, the congregations, the influencers and the pain and pleasure points of your dream people you should have a pretty good idea what they desire the most, now you just need to create a HOOK, STORY, and an OFFER.


    The hook is the ONE BIG THING that will make your people stop the scroll. The story is what makes your offer unique and the offer is the product or service that gets your people out of pain or moves them towards pleasure.


    Defining your hook, PUBLISH, PUBLISH and PUBLISH the more you use your social media platform aka personal distribution channel to test topics and hooks the more data you’ll capture and the better your hook will become. Post live videos and content consistently to see what is resonating with your audience you may find more than one hook and your stories will grow as you do this more often.



    The more you publish the better you’ll get at storytelling. Doing it consistently will allow you to create a database of stories that you can use again and again. Authentic stories based on your journey, people will also be able to relate with you emotionally and connect with you because of your story which takes them past the HOOK and allows them to connect with your UNIQUE YOU.

    Ever remember having a horrible day filled with stress and worry and eventually you power through a big issue and come out glorious on the other side?

    If so, you probably don’t exactly remember the way you felt when you were going through the issue or the horrible day, at least not the details that would make it real and authentic to someone else. If you had told the story as it unraveled your pain would have been present in the way that you held your body and your emotions would be apparent. Trying to revisit or capture the story after overcoming the issue doesn’t translate the same, those details and expressions become less real and you lose your audience, especially if they are currently going through the pain and seeking a valuable outcome.



    “Document Don’t Create!”

    “Enough Listening Start Doing Shit” -GARYVEE

    Follow UP! Follow UP! Follow UP!

    If you connect with your audience and move them to your funnel but they don’ t purchase, you need to have an Ad Strategy and Follow-up Sequence in place that captures 3 phases of the buying stage so that you can retarget them chances are they won’t buy the first time they come to the funnel.

    1. EMOTION

    Your Story, Case Studies, or Testimonials?

    “It’s much smarter to show the world your process than the advice YOU THINK you should be giving them” - GaryVee

    2. LOGIC

    Case Studies, Statistics, Reasoning Backed by Numbers or Proof


    Only a Few Left, Ending Soon, First 10

    Remember Your Unique Selling or Your Unique Serving Proposition is what will set you apart and connect you to your audience!


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    Bio: Tish Luka Traffic

    Tish Luka

    Inbound Marketing Certified working to bring traffic to your business, entrepreneur, and mom. Consultant and Digital Sales Strategist Influencing Small Changes and Big Rewards for Companies of all Sizes Through Sales Funnels & Social Advertising! Building New Opportunities for Digital Passive Incomes... Contact Me @ Owner of Brand and Flourish LLC Jupiter, Florida.

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