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    Bio: Pedro Campos Funnels | 4 min read

    What They Forgot To Tell You About Creating Lead Magnets That Convert

    You already know that lead magnets are essential tools to help you bring in potential clients to your business.

    What you might not know is the one most important thing you should be aware of before creating them.

    That one thing is what I’m going to share with you in this post. Keep your eyes open so you don't miss it!

    I’ll also give you a checklist you can use every time you create lead magnets to make sure they convert.

    “Your lead magnet should also be a segway to your core offers.”

    Lead Magnets Work If...

    I know what you’re thinking!

    You’ve probably heard some marketing guru at some point, somewhere say that lead magnets don't work anymore.

    It's almost like saying that email is dead. Lead magnets not only work but they`re well and alive. The way most entrepreneurs do it is probably not working because they don’t have a strong core offer in the first place.

    The most beautiful lead magnet will not serve your business if you don't have solid core offers to start with. That's a fact!

    “The lead magnet… don't overcomplicate it, keep it simple and digestible.”

    4 Step Checklist

    Before we dive into the explanation of that one thing you should be aware of, let’s first go over a simple checklist you can use every time you create your lead magnet.

    1. Solve a problem your audience is having now
    2. Must be simple and digestible
    3. Needs to be super specific
    4. Give a quick win

    These are the golden rules to follow every time you think about creating lead magnets. Write them down or memorize them since they’ll be your guide to the perfect lead magnet.

    Don't overcomplicate it, keep it simple, digestible and make sure that it's something that people actually want.

    If your lead magnet isn't converting, two of these things might be happening: 1) you`re not communicating in your prospect`s “language” or 2) the problem you’re trying to solve in the lead magnet is not relevant to them.

    “Make sure you`re solving a problem relevant to your audience.”

    A Great Lead Magnet Does This

    At this point, you probably already guessed what they forgot to tell you. In case you're still confused, that one important thing is incompleteness.

    That's right!

    Most entrepreneurs make the mistake of giving away too much information in their lead magnets and then wonder why nobody is buying anything.

    Your lead magnet should also be a segway to your core offers.

    What do I mean by this? Let me give you an example...

    Suppose your core offer is a workshop where you teach people how to sell better from stage.

    It wouldn't make sense to give away a lead magnet, say an ebook, called "How To Sell Better From Stage" because that's what you’re going to teach them in the workshop.

    If this happens, you run the risk of acquiring a bunch of leads that don't convert into sales or customers.

    A better lead magnet would be an ebook called "15 Tips To Crush Your Next Presentation", for example.

    This is incomplete and a smooth transition to your core offer.

    “Some people are saying that lead magnets don't work anymore. It's almost like saying that email is dead.”

    Lead Magnets Made Simple

    Always remember to give as much value as possible, keep it simple, digestible but make it incomplete so you can leave people thinking "this is good but I want more."

    That's the purpose of the lead magnet.

    My recommendation to you is craft your core offers first, make sure you`re solving a problem relevant to your audience and then focus on creating your lead magnets.

    Let me know in the comments… what is the biggest challenge you have when creating lead magnets for your business?


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    Bio: Pedro Campos Funnels

    Pedro Campos

    Pedro is a former army soldier originally born in Portugal with the entrepreneurial bug and a passion for online advertising. He`s the author of "All Leads Convert" and founder of PedroConverts, a global Facebook marketing agency that specializes in helping impact-driven coaches grow and scale faster.

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