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    What To Do When It All Goes Wrong With Your Facebook Marketing

    Everything I write or say is more suited to those entrepreneurs who are either flying solo or they are the face of their business, but even if you are not, maybe this will change your mind.

    Too many business owners see Social Media as another billboard for advertising. Too many think "Let's use Facebook for business" without understanding what this platform is about at all.

    Most of them are not even ON Facebook as active users, so I do not blame them.

    Then they put out posts about their special offers and their products and NOTHING HAPPENS.

    After a while, they decide that all this talk about Facebook as a platform to attract more business is a lot of bollox! And they either stop or post something just when the sale is on in a desperate attempt to prove themselves wrong. And again. NOTHING happens.

    So how can you turn this all around? How can you ACTUALLY grow your business using Facebook or other Social Media platforms?




    Before 2017, I was exactly the same. I only used my Facebook page to publish links to the occasional blog posts, and then posted things about my business that sounded like ads. I did not acquire a single client through my Facebook page marketing. EVER.

    Something had to change, and if I wanted to REALLY grow my business, it would have to change dramatically.

    Here is why I did not give up on doing it with Facebook:

    • At the time my services were much more focused around building and managing online stores, websites and blogs, SEO and online customer experience. It was a much broader service than just managing Facebook, although with some local businesses around 2012-2014 Facebook pages were where I build great communities and helped refer a lot of new business and helped increase return business. I already worked with every prominent, often the most influential business in each niche represented in the area I lived. That meant I reached the limit of companies to market my services to. (I could not pitch to my existing client's competition, naturally).
    • I actually did not enjoy reaching out to local business pitching my services, because they did not have the right mindset of paying what it was worth for the services and expertise (that comes from not understanding the importance of a strong online presence). This meant every time it was affecting my self-worth and self-esteem very negatively.
    • I did not like the idea of spending hours commuting to Dublin 100km away to find new clients. It just was not what I saw as the lifestyle I was trying to create.
    • Most Irish business owners that I've experienced are very traditional and do not do well without meetings in person. A majority of them still need to embrace the convenience of remote meetings, even merely from time-management and efficiency point of view. A lot of them are technophobes and spend way too much time in face to face meetings talking a lot and not implementing enough.
    • The only way for me to grow my business was to rely on the internet to let the world know that I am here, I know my stuff, and I am open for business. (With 7 billion folks out there, I only needed a handful to hire me to have a comfortable lifestyle)

    So I decided to commit to it and do it on Facebook. (My gut feeling was telling me to persevere).

    BUT I already saw that doing it with my Facebook business page had zero results. And that I have to do things COMPLETELY DIFFERENTLY.

    Even though I am not a socialite and do not require a large number of friends or to belong to any group/club offline to feel complete or accomplished, I KNEW that there are rules of the game I need to embrace if I want to succeed.



    People on Social Media are not here to hire or buy. They are just hanging out. They stalk each other, engage in conversations, often more based around opinions than anything else.

    So be yourself.

    Share opinions.

    Share your stories.

    Inspire people with what you believe in.

    Share some thoughts - it may empower someone to make a decision, take a small step that may even change their life completely. Yes, that happens.

    Be authentic, be respectful, but do not bend backwards in who you are.

    Be fearless - yes it is horrifying at the start, but since we cannot control other people's thoughts and stories they make about us - do not spend too long thinking about their judgements. (And use the Block button when needed without hesitation).

    Trust me, you can make your Facebook space as friendly and positive as you get, THIS is something we do have control over!)


    Facebook is not meant as a platform where you can passively consume information - there are thousands of online publications for that. Facebook is a party where you are expected to socialize. Talk. Discuss. Express Opinions. Interact. Tag a friend. Build relationships with real people.

    So you need to make sure you are showing up on other people's posts- particularly by commenting, so you are seen as someone acknowledging that there is a real person behind every post, and that brings me to the next rule:




    Everything you do on Social Media, including growing your business (and, to be honest, this is the only reason why I, myself, am ON Facebook) - everything needs to be done with a CONNECTION in mind. NOT a SALE!

    Connection through posts, both your own and other people's.

    Connection through personal messages - to create an unforgettable impression, validate that this platform is still a place where REAL people build REAL relationships.

    Connection through VALUE where you share and OVERDELIVER the knowledge you have, this is paramount when you are building your authority and more importantly - TRUST.

    This is at the heart of a successful Facebook marketing strategy, this is what allowed me to build a new, global training business with thousands of students from over 30 countries in just 2 years.

    Sounds like a lot of work? Yes.

    But do you think growing a business does not require hard work and determination? And a lot of patience (especially at the start)? If you feel any doubts about this now, I suggest giving up the idea of being a business owner and get a job. I MEAN IT - you are not ready for what it takes!

    But if you know and you ARE prepared to put the hard work in - then do it right.

    Don't rely on old school strategies that do not work.

    Get out of your shell, stop hiding and start using Facebook the way it REALLY works.

    And then watch as your business and the quality of your clients transform, followed by the quantity of the new "ideal" ones coming in and the sheer joy feeling in the flow at all times.

    Feeling the freedom of choosing your next step of being in control of your decisions.

    Feeling fulfilled and happy.

    I will close with one of Gary Vee's little taglines:



    Juliette Stapleton

    Known as The Queen Of Visibility, Juliette Stapleton is an internationally known Visibility Strategist, Writer, Trainer & a Coach with thousands of students and clients from more that 30+ countries. Juliette is recognized for her distinctive authentic approach to growing online visibility with Facebook because she uses organic strategies and dives deep into the psychology behind the nature of connecting on Social Media and making buying decisions rooted in the need to Know, Like & Trust one before buying into their services and products. Building this connection authentically is at the heart of Juliette’s trainings. With her online and coaching programs, in -house company training and consultancy she shows them how to reach out and empower people worldwide while building the businesses and lives they truly love WITH EASE. Website: Facebook: Facebook Biz Page: Social Media Visibility That Gets Clients FB Group: Instagram: Youtube: LinkedIn: Twitter:

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