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    Which Funnel Works For You?

    If you are not an ecommerce giant or a well established brand (well, sometimes they need it too) but instead a fresher or an individual or an medium size company trying to grab a piece of lead/sales via online ads, email broadcast or organic campaign (social media posts, SEO and etc) then you have to have a funnel in place to capture the leads and properly channel them to gain your final goal. That’s Conversion.

    This process is known as “Funnel Management” but mostly people call it “Sales Funnel”. However, just calling it a Sales Funnel is not the right thing, because you might need a funnel to capture the leads only, so there is no direct sales involved. So in short, there are different kinds of funnels and we are going to discuss that in detail below. We will also discuss the usage of this funnel and when and who would need it.



    Lead Magnet Funnel

    This funnel didn’t get any proper naming ceremony yet, however, I have tried to name it on the basis of its functionality. As the name suggests, its only aim is to generate leads. Now, every funnel no matter what you name it, will have a landing page in it and that landing page will always give you something free as a giveaway. This “bait” (free giveaway) is used to lure the visitors to opt in. Once they opt in then it’s easy to send them multiple future offers without any hassles.

    Why use it, and who should use it?

    If you have multiple brands or offers or you are an affiliate of multiple brands, then this is the best funnel format for you. You can reuse this list multiple times for different offers. There are also many companies who use this funnel just for data mining so that they can sell all the accumulated data to any third party vendor.

    What can I add on the thank you page?

    Well, just giving a simple thank you note will do along with a link to download their freebies, which can be a discount coupon, ebook, recorded training video, free one-on-one Coaching Session, free report and the list goes on. Anything virtual, which has some unique info in it or that cannot be easily Googled. And yes, you can add a survey too. If you do that then it will be a smart move as you can categorize your leads in a much better way.

    Tools you would need

    Landing Page: You can build the same in normal html or you can use any other service provider like Leadpages, ClickFunnels, Instapages, Optimizely, Wordpress and the list goes on.

    You will also need an email autoresponder service provider like Mailchimp, ActiveCampaign, Infusionsoft, Aweber, Constant Contact, Convertkit, etc.

    Webinar Funnel

    Webinars have become more common these days. You have to be very careful with your “topic” which you present to your attendees. Now you can either do a Live Webinar or an Automated Webinar. Live webinar is done live, it means you can interact with your attendees and answer their queries. In the case of an Automated webinar, you pre-record a video and add a fake Q&A session at the end, or you might also use a previously recorded live webinar and use the recording for the automated webinar. Again, the final aim is that at the end of the webinar you can put your call to action in front of your attendees.

    “Call to action” is a term used for motivating your visitors to take an action, like hitting a sign up button or clicking a url and etc. So, in short, you guide your traffic toward your final goal, and that’s conversion. Now a webinar could be used just for lead generation (like above), or it can be used for asking people to sign up for one free session for 15 minutes (Do add a price so that they know that they are getting something which is worth a lot of money, (ex: Book a free call worth $xxx but it’s free for few earlybirds). It can also be used to discuss and promote something which you want to sell at discount, so the webinar funnel could be a sales funnel too (we will discuss later). Again, it’s up to you as how you want to use it.



    Ebook promotion Funnel

    Normally, it’s a Sales Funnel only, but again, an Ebook Funnel could be used for non-selling purposes as well. It deserves to have a separate name because of its usage. Many writers, coaches and even the newbie consultants try to sell the Virtual version of their book to gain mass sale/popularity. They even sell a part of their paperback copy (introduction and first chapter) to create curiosity in the readers. This is used as bait and once you opt in to download then it redirects you to the main sales page or a link to Amazon or eBay or any other link where they are selling the hard copy or even the full ebook version of the book.

    The funnel flow is same as the webinar funnel.



    Sales Funnel

    This is the most common and most used funnel format. They are no fixed steps or flow to be defined for a Sales Funnel because you might have a single product to offer or you might have multiple products.

    The ideal sales funnels have following steps involved in it.

    Step 1: Landing page (offer a free bait to get the leads)

    Step 2: Sales Page (try to offer something which has lower value, less than $19.99 would be great)

    Step 3: Upsell Page 1 (This is where you try to upsell the next high value item you have. Normally, in the upsell the user doesn’t have to enter their card details again.)

    Step 3A: Downsell Page 1 (If the upsell is not a hit, then add a “no thank you button” in the upsell page and get it redirected into downsell page where you can offer the same product once again but at 50% discounted price.)

    Step 4: Upsell Page 2 (If the first upsell is a hit, then try to offer the higher value product as an upsell, once again the user doesn’t have to enter their card details.)

    Step 4A: Downsell Page 2 (same a Step 3A)

    Now, this upsell downsell step can increase or decrease based on your product list. Always remember to put the pricing like this ex:, Retail price $XXX but our one time offer price is just $XX.XX. These kinds of tips and tricks are just for mental diversion to create a scenario of urgency, as the user will think that they might lose if they don’t by now.

    Hope this helps. Please feel free to add your comments below or send me a direct note with your queries.

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