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    Why a “Website” Can Make Your Business Fail, But a Funnel Can Print You Money on Demand!


    This is Milo's restaurant, They are across the street from our office, and my wife and I had breakfast this morning there.

    Milo's is closing their doors after nine years.

    I want to share with you a little bit about what might have changed the trajectory of their business.

    This is their website, Milo's on Main. You will notice there is no Facebook pixel, there is no retargeting pixel on this website, so if I go there and go away, he has no way of knowing I was there or contacting me.



    The Contact Us form is something that most businesses do, but they bury it. You have to go to it and get past the driving directions, contacting them is at the bottom. Google Maps won’t load, so that's a problem. And it has an email address, here is the contact form. So again, I've got to scroll down to find it.

    Now if I go to reservations, there's nothing. Just call us. So this page is purposeless. It's blank.

    As far as the banquet room page goes, these are the pictures of downstairs, not the actual upstairs banquet room.

    What if I want to order online? It's going to take me to, which does not exist so I can't order online.

    The menu actually works. I can actually see the menu.

    About Us. There's a video. There are a couple of paragraphs, and that's about it.

    Upcoming Events, there's nothing. So I'm going to go back to their homepage.

    This slider takes pretty much the entire above the fold area of the website. I got bottles on mine, which doesn't do me any good. I don't know what that is. I haven't checked on a cell phone, but it probably isn't going to render on a smartphone unless it's set up that way, and I doubt it.

    This doesn't sell me on the restaurant. It shows me the location, but those other two things don't sell me on the restaurant. They don't move the sale forward. There's no offer. There's no opt-in. I would have a video here and an opt-in form here offering me something because they're not building a list.

    I’ve been a customer many times because it's across the street from our office, and an interesting thing we found was they've never asked us for our contact information. There has never been an attempt to get us on a list of any kind, whether it's direct mail or email.

    They've got Flickr, Foursquare, and Facebook. Flickr doesn't go to Flickr, it goes to Yelp.

    Foursquare goes to Foursquare, where I can check in. I didn't know people still used Foursquare because Facebook made a check-in feature. Well, they don't, apparently, because the last time there's been a comment was three years ago, four years ago. So that's not doing them much good.

    Let's check out their Facebook. They have 2,651 fans for a local restaurant is not bad. But if we can get a chicken and pizza wing place where it's 11,000 followers, we could do a lot better than 2,600 for this. Here's the issue. They post pretty much once a week, on Mondays. And the post is just, "Happy Monday. Here's our menu. Call us for a reservation." That's it. Check out our menu, check out our menu, check out our menu. Oh, there's an event. We're open. Check out our menu. Picture, check out our menu.

    So they're selling every single time. And you'll notice their engagement is nothing. They've got 2,651 followers and eight likes on a post, no comments. Crickets. Check out our full menu. Eight. I wonder if those are eight people who work there. We've got dinner covered. 10 likes. They actually had a comment, and they did respond. But again, they're posting once a week and it's all just, "Come eat here." And it may be a post or two for an event, but that's it. There, I will like it.

    Are they running any ads? They are not. They are not running any Facebook ads to market the restaurant, nor have they ever, because I've looked before. So if you're always selling, if every week you show up in front of the same eight people who actually see it because they're not running any ads so they have no organic reach and say, "Buy my stuff, buy my stuff, buy my stuff," they're going to tune you out and they probably get very little engagement because most of their posts are, "Buy our food, buy our food, buy our food, buy our food."

    We've got buttons on the website that doesn't work, no retargeting, no offer, no lead capture, no follow up. The Order Online button is broken. If I wanted to give them money, I couldn't. Contact information is buried. Again, this website is not going to generate them much business. It's not going to build their customer list, because your money's in the list.

    If they had a database of 10 years of customers that they were sending email to every two weeks, every month, they could get them to come in. If they were texting them, if they had mobile numbers, they could text them. It would've been so much more profitable.



    How do you do that? I will give you an example of a very simple marketing funnel for a restaurant that is working. Your money's in your ability to contact your customers and stay in touch with them because then it's Tuesday. It's slow, it's rainy, you send a text, you send an email, you send out a postcard, next week Tuesday's supposed to be rainy. You can get people to come on in.

    is Dracut House of Pizza. This is in Boston, and here is our little lead generation funnel because we are giving away a fried oyster meal. There are 100 fried oyster dinner vouchers available. There's a picture of what you're going to get. There is the retail price and your free meal.

    There are pictures of reviews, then again, the picture and the little about Us blurb and the picture of the voucher.

    You claim it, you opt in, you get your voucher. Now I've got their name, their email, and their cell number on the list. I bribe them with a free meal to get them in the door and get them on the list, and now I can message them anytime I want. The one thing I would like to add to this would be a field for the person's birthday because then, every year I could say, "Hey, it's your birthday month. Come on in and get your meal for free on your birthday," because no one eats on their birthday pretty much by themselves. They bring people with them, and thus, you make it up on volume. Then you could get those people on your list.

    You could also do a thing saying, "Hey, we still have a couple of vouchers left. Who do you want to bring with you?" Now you've got a Tell a Friend program running where they're literally entering their friend's contact information. And then an email automatically goes from Derek to Bob saying, "Hey, I signed up for this free oyster meal. Come, you should too." Now Derek refers Bob and now we've got access to Bob as well. We could also have a component where it says, "Share it with three people and get two free, get an extra bonus." We could say, "Post this on your social media page and you'll get even more."

    When we first ran this through one of our partner companies, they had the relationship with Dracut House of Pizza, we had literally a 60% opt-in rate. We were driving Facebook ads to this with a 60% opt-in rate. Normally a few percent is good. So 60% is insane, and even better was a large percentage of those people were actually showing up and coming in and eating the food, and now they're on their list and they can get them back whenever they want.

    I don't know who built their normal, pretty, corporate-looking branded website that doesn't do very much and doesn't bring in much business.

    Milo's is a Greek restaurant, so if they did free souvlaki (my wife loves their souvlaki by the way), this approach would totally work.

    If you want help turning your website into a real funnel, reach out to me today.

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