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    Why Becoming a Local Niche Celebrity Can Make You a Lead Magnet

    Before I opened my first business in New York City 30 years ago, I experienced some success as a TV and stage actor. I worked on Broadway, in touring companies, and did many TV appearances. Eventually, I even hosted a cable business talk show. Along the way, I had a wonderful mentor. Her name was Maxine Marx. She was a formidable casting director in New York and the daughter of Chico Marx, one of the famous Marx brothers’ comedy team that appeared in many Hollywood films.

    We were in an acting class with her one day when she said she wanted us to understand something clearly. She said, “you are no more than another bar of soap on the supermarket shelf so you better learn how to stand out”. Wow. That seemed harsh. But think about it. There are hundreds of people who do what you do. And they are all online shouting for attention. They all want you to sign up for their mailing list and consume their content. It was some of the best advice I ever received.



    How do you stand out so people chose you?

    1. Be willing to step into the spotlight and build your visibility so you get in front of more of your target audience.
    2. Know what makes you special and unique and be clear in communicating how that can
    3. help your target audience.
    4. Develop one clear mission and message and repeat it in some form in every communication. This is what you stand for.

    As people feel more and more inundated with email, we’ve all seen email open rates decline, unless the email sequence is focused on a specific topic that is of interest to that subscriber right now and they are somewhat intrigued by the person sending it and know they can learn from them.

    A few years ago I started experimenting with using what we decided to call Direct Contact Marketing to build local celebrity status and put highly targeted people into our funnels. To be honest I’d been focused on growing visibility and traffic exclusively online for years. But along with many successful colleagues, we noticed the decline in response to methods that had worked well online for years.

    Direct Contact Marketing uses some old school methods that are re-emerging as tried and true winners. It’s a fast way to build trusting relationships with potential clients. Here how we are getting big results.


    Strategic Networking Who is your target market? CEO’s? Attorneys? Young professional women?

    Once you know this, find out where they network and hang out locally. This may take more than a simple Google search. Look at Search local Facebook groups and ask local professionals you know. Look at charity events and special clubs.

    Try attending meetings and determine if it’s worth investing your time and energy, which means determining if the group could be a good source for clients or referrals. I’ve discovered some hard to find groups in my area that are for executives and CEO’s that have provided us with a gold mine of new clients. I get to network with these people monthly and to build a trusting relationship that results in clients that are easy to serve and don’t haggle over price.

    Consider joining a committee to get even more visibility. Plus it will get you out of the office!

    Invite these people to opt-in to your funnel so they can see your expertise in action!



    Strategic Speaking

    Live speaking engagements are the most lucrative activity for me and for many of my clients. I rarely speak, even for free, without walking away with 5-figures in sales. All you need is one or two engaging, timely presentations that present a solution that your target market needs.

    Approach those same networking groups you’ve discovered and offer to speak. Ask everyone you know if they are aware of any speaking opportunities. Or do your own invitation-only event. Both can work well.

    Invite these people to opt-in to your funnel so they can see your expertise in action!

    One-on-One Meet and Greets

    We use a LinkedIn strategy to build a strong local network for our business and for our clients. By using a well crafted short series of follow up messages, I’m able to regularly schedule coffee or lunch meetings with influencers. This has resulted in a number of high profile, high dollar clients and new speaking opportunities.

    If you just can’t get your schedules to sync, even a phone meeting or video meeting can do the trick.

    Again… Invite these people to opt-in to your funnel so they can see your expertise in action!

    This is a way to get highly motivated hot leads and referral sources into your funnel. More importantly, people are 10X more likely to refer you and hire you when they’ve had several face-to-face conversations with you, or when you’ve been a featured speaker.

    We now help experts, consultants, corporate trainers, and local service businesses develop Direct Contact Marketing system that builds their local Celebrity status and creates a spike in sales with a much easier conversion process. Part of this process is to create one compelling funnel that showcases their expertise and builds interest in their service.

    So step into the local spotlight. Don’t be just another bar of soap on the supermarket shelf! It’s the fastest, easiest way to grow your business.


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    Janis Pettit

    Janis Pettit is a serial entrepreneur and Business Growth and Marketing Strategy Consultant who has started and grown 4 successful businesses. She is a contributing author to an Amazon Best Seller and has been mentioned in The New York Times and the Business Journal for creative marketing strategies. She hosted her own business cable talk show in New York, and appeared on many TV shows and been a featured guest on numerous podcasts. Her expertise is in turning her clients’ brilliance into a bold business that makes an impact. Website:

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