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    Why Relevant Content Will Always Be Relevant...and Effective

    In this time where you have to race to keep up with the latest algorithm changes that oh, only affects every one of your clients and dents your business’s traffic, content is, and will always be king.

    Or queen.

    I have spent the past month cringing more than usual in the wake of glimpsing companies shilling that they will turn anyone into a copywriter. While the mechanics of good copy can always be taught, and it is highly encouraged if this is an interest of yours, you cultivate it; not everyone can write copy.

    Not everyone can paint.

    Or sing.

    Or dance.

    Or carve linoleum stamps (throwback to a disastrous art assignment).

    But everyone shouldn’t be able to sling copy. Because if that were the case, it would devalue GOOD copy. In this world of smarter, better, faster, solid, clever, seductive copy wins hands-down.


    You see, you can always conquer the new learning curve: Now, we have to post 12 times a day? Okay… Or can you? When was the last time you undertook training to understand the latest Zuckerberg trick? Are you pushing out the same old content on the same calendar despite the changes? Are you kinda-getting the hang of it? If this is you, then one element will set you apart: good copy.

    Why do most memes or posts go viral? It’s not because the copy was sloppily written, churned through a Mad-Libs-esque app and then spit on the screen. It’s evocative content. It intrigues and piques people’s minds and imaginations. It allows the reader to not simply absorb it, but to expand upon it, to create their own story.

    Good copy is always about the consumer. It is mind-reading fodder designed to draw in the person reading it. They apply it to their lives.

    Good copy is a weapon that every company needs in their arsenal.

    Social media is going to continue to change. It will innovate. New iterations of what we commonly use today will become available. And like so many did when Facebook was an infant, you may reject it, but advancements never stop. Good copy is evergreen.

    Still dubious? Consider funnel copy. Most companies don’t hire a copywriter. They likely have their team who are building your funnels composing your copy, an integral part of your branding! If you think about it that way, it’s actually scary.

    Your copy should be congruent throughout every single one of your media channels. It should not sound like 12 different copywriters wrote it. It should be resonant and remain an echo in your prospect’s mind long after they have left it.

    Before our technological takeover, big brands dominated because they branded themselves well. Because they were iconic and memorable, and a lot of that was achieved through good copy.


    Did you know?

    Your organic SEO can compete with your paid SEO when you use good copy?
    You create an emotional bond through good copy?
    Posts that are compelling rise through the social media clutter?
    Your copy is your brand voice that people HEAR in their heads?
    Succinct copy creates top-of-mind brand recognition?

    If you are managing a personal brand, good copy is paramount to building your following.

    We will always need magnetic copy. Three hundred years ago, that was the case and it will be the case 300 years from now.

    Copy is a critical component of communication especially in our current environment of technology bombardment. It will evolve to suit the purpose of society and to appeal to a vast audience, but even then, exceptional content will rise to the top. It will continue to be remembered as an interaction with a brand leaving lasting, positive effects.

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    Bio: Hilary Jastram Strategy

    Hilary Jastram

    Hilary L. Jastram is the owner of J. Hill Marketing, specializing in copywriting and book editing for entrepreneurs and Fortune 500 brands. She is an author and contributor to multiple media and the editor for Ryan Stewman AKA "Hardcore Closer". Jastram founded Sick Biz, a non-profit supporting sick and disabled entrepreneurs and hosts the podcast Sick Biz Buzz. Social Media: Website: Website: FB: LI: Twitter: IG:

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