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    You Have To Slow Down To Speed Up

    Car Sales Woman

    Chalene Johnson started on her journey of entrepreneurship at a really young age of 15, she had a dream of going to college. Neither side of her family had ever been enrolled in college, she didn’t have any means to pay for tuition. Her dad was an entrepreneur, and he told Chalene “You know, let’s come up with some ideas.” Together they came up with a way for her to be a used car saleswoman that would detail them, then sell them, make a couple hundred dollars of profit, and then reinvest the money into more cars. Chalene describes exactly how she obtained the cars below in the interview with Hawk. She also mentioned that “So, for the first, like 5 years of my business life, I was a used car saleswoman. And in fact, I put myself to school at Michigan State University.”

    I have noticed most entrepreneurs start off with their first business in their childhood and teenage years and they have this unique vision where they can spot a problem and realize they have and can market a solution. Chalene says “That was my first taste of entrepreneurship, and I said, “I think the most entrepreneurs, you start solving your own problem. And then when you solve your own problem, you’ll realize that a lot of people have that problem, too. No matter how obscure it is. And that was what has guided me every single decision and direction I’ve taken.”



    I Gotta Get Up And Move!

    Are you wondering how Chalene went from a young car saleswoman to a celebrity fitness trainer? Me too! I was so excited that Hawk asked that very question. “The reason why I’m successful in fitness is the same reason why people who are listening will be successful in their business if you just focus on how can I help people who are a lot like me? And that’s what I did.” Chalene explained. She went on to further explain that she was working as a paralegal when she started her side business of personal training. “When I realized, This is really not fun. And it seems so, I don’t know, sterile, and there’s just no joy in it. It’s not the way I felt when I was a kid taking a dance class, or tae kwon do.” She describes. She focused on solving the problem on what would get people like her get the feeling of gotta to get up and get moving. She did it because she went on to explain, “That just made people want to move and forget the fact they’re exercising. It caught on, and eventually, health clubs picked it up in their chains. I think at one point, we’re on like 27 different countries and millions of people doing the work out at health clubs which caught the attention of infomercial companies.”

    “Scared money Don’t make money”

    Hawk asks Chalene about how much she was able to scale her business since she started. She explains that her husband and herself work together on the business and that “Our first million dollars nearly killed us. Because we tried to scale monetarily without understanding you can’t do that on your own. You need to leverage tools and systems and people.” She goes on to say “my husband has a tattoo on his forearm, it says, ‘Scared money don’t make money.’ and you have to be willing to invest. You have to be willing to invest in coaches. You have to be willing to invest in mentors. You have to be willing to invest in training and agencies. You have to be willing to invest in people. And you have to know that these things take time.” Chalene also goes into the mindset she needed to change from growing up watching her dad do everything in his business as an entrepreneur to now believe in longevity “It required a shift from a scarcity mindset like I don’t have enough. I’ve got to you know, save money by doing this myself, to an abundance mindset. Where I know if I invest in other people, we become abundantly blessed.” I absolutely love that she mentioned that she needed to change the mindset from where she was to where she is now to scale where she wanted to be. Hawk additionally asks about her investment in coaches and mentorships she answers with “ So if I hire a coach, they say on average that on each dollar that you invest in business coaching there will be a $7 return. And if that’s an average, then I’m 10 times that. Because I think the average also includes people who just pay for it. And some of it they do, and some they don’t. And if I’m paying for it, I’m doing it. I’m taking notes. I’m making you make me accountable, and I’m following through. So it’s just an easy, powerful hack that most people won’t take advantage of.” Chalene holds herself accountable to always expanding knowledge she tells Hawk “I wake up, and before I flip on any social media or let anyone else influence the brain, I expand my brain” She continues on and says “I’m going to learn from people who are kind enough to share how they did it. So that’s the first thing I do every single day”

    Clutter Or Systems

    Hawk asks Chalene about systems and delegating with being able to scale your business. “I think one of the most important systems that's allowed us to scale and which would allow anyone to scale and I always tell new entrepreneurs to do this first, and that is to develop a system for your Dropbox or whatever cloud you're using to store all of your data and your files and everything else. Because that can also turn into a training portal. A portal where everything that you do, I just record it on there. Anything I wanted to delegate, I would record it while I was doing it on my screen, I would just click. You know, use QuickTime and record my screen. And then I would save it to Dropbox with the name of the task. And then that way, even if I wasn't ready to delegate it, and I didn't have someone hired yet to do that, eventually I would. And I would have hands-on training that no matter where they were in the world, they could watch this training and learn how to do it exactly the way that I did it.” Chalene answers. She continues to talk about keeping your systems clutter free “One of the most important things I can suggest everybody do at every level is to clean up your Dropbox. Like I am so, I'd like to brag about my Dropbox it’s so organized, you could jump in there right now. And you would actually see based on every folder, there's a workflow. So if you open up the podcast folder, you'll see just by clicking on all the individual subfolders, you can see who that file goes to next and where it's at. And it just makes everybody's life a lot easier. And it saves so much time”

    Chalene also tells Hawk about her Marketing Impact Academy “I have another program that teaches people how to set up the kind of infrastructure of your digital business, how to clean up your digital business because I think a lot of people's digital business looks like a closet or garage that needs to be cleaned up. It's like, “Oh, I know that file’s here someplace.” And it just, clutter, and you can't get creative. And you can't get focused. And so these are some of the systems that we teach in the Marketing Impact Academy.”




    Hawk asks Chalene what she found to be the best traffic sources for her industry and Niche, “Well the one that converts the highest for me is social media. And people are always shocked to hear this. But lately, it's been Snapchat, which I was like, anti-Snapchat. And it's also my smallest platform. Snapchat and Instagram stories convert like incredibly high but it's a super warm audience, right? Like they feel like they know you. The way I connect on Snapchat is really personal. So in terms of conversion, we can't compare anything to my personal social.” Chalene answers. She also goes into what she’s been doing to get traffic for the One3One Movement “This year, it's been blogging for our latest business development which is the One3One method. And it's a healthy weight loss program. It's really a nutrition program that helps people to repair leaky gut and to get healthy from the inside out. And in starting that business in my businesses, we didn't spend much time devoted to blogs and SEO. Didn't look much at that. Probably, a mistake. And people would say to me, “So, our blogs dead?” I’m like, “Yeah, I kind of think so.” So yeah, blogs, whatever SEO, I was so wrong!”

    You should definitely continue on and read the interview between Hawk and Chalene where goes into her front end and backend for the OneThreeOne Movement and how she’s making this program so successful. Additionally, there are many tips and hacks that you can implement today!

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