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    CF Design School | 1 min read

    Your Ugly Funnels Are Costing You Sales

    Listen, I’m just going to come straight out with this:

    Your ugly funnels are costing you sales.

    So, if you are an online business owner using funnels to sell any product or service online, you need to listen up.

    Stanford University recently came out with a study that said that people only take 0.5 seconds to determine the credibility of your website.

    And what’s even more insane than that is that over 90% of what they are judging is your design!


    So, if your design:

    1. Sucks
    2. Is only ‘okay’
    3. Or looks like everybody else’s (I’m looking at you, template users)

    ...then you’ve already lost the sales game because people won’t stay on your site long enough to see what you’re actually selling!

    So, design - TO YOU - may be an afterthought.

    But design - TO YOUR POTENTIAL CUSTOMER - is the first and maybe only thought that they’ll ever have about you, your business, and your products.

    So, your ugly funnel pages are resulting in you leaving serious money on the table.

    The good news is that this is all a very easy fix.

    It doesn’t require coding, Photoshop, or any graphic design skills.

    All you need to do is learn the 6-step science of Design Hacking which will show you how to design aesthetically extraordinary funnels that convert.


    Check it out in the free training by clicking the link below:

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    Kathryn Jones

    Kathryn Jones is a #1 Best Selling Author, Certified Internet Marketer, ClickFunnels Dream Car Winner, and a Funnel Design Guru. She's no stranger to the funnel world. She has trained at Liz Benny's mastermind (2x Two Comma Club Winner), presented to Clickfunnels Super Affiliate Spencer Mecham’s audience, CF Pro Tool’s Jamie Smith’s audience, and has been featured on Virtual Summits with Julie Stoian, Bryan Dulaney, and many more. Jones has pushed 6-figures of revenue in 90 minutes selling her product CF Design School. Through CF Design School, Jones helps students design aesthetically extraordinary funnels that convert, all without coding, Photoshop, or any graphic design skills. She helps her students make their first $1,000 online and then scale that to consistent $10,000+ months.

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